Longmont Business Owners Policy or (BOP)

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January 27, 2016
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Longmont Business Owners Policy or (BOP)

Business Insurance Update

There is no denying the fact that the success of your Longmont business depends on the hard work of you and your team. But one disaster can wipe out all your efforts and take the profits to dust.  So, to avoid such a situation, you need to insure your business; whether it is a small enterprise or a large corporation.

There are insurance companies which have policies that combine protection for all major property and liability risks into one package. You can also opt for separate coverage. Such a policy is called a Business Owners Policy (BOP). Larger companies tend to purchase a commercial package policy.

What Is Included In A BOP?

BOP’s include property insurance for buildings and equipment owned by the company. If there is any loss of income due to disruption of operation and business because of accidents like fire, it can be covered under the Business Interruption Insurance.

A BOP also covers the company’s legal responsibility for the harm it may cause to others, (bodily injury and property damage) as a result of your company’s negligence. BOP’s can also include professional liability, auto insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance.  Earthquake/Flood is not included in most BOP’s.

For over 10 years, we have focused on reducing insurance costs and improving coverage for Colorado contractors which make up over 80% of our current clientele.  In fact, Steve has studied to be a CRIS (Contractor Risk Insurance Specialist) agent, a very rare and difficult certificate to achieve.  Since he knows all the details of contractor’s risks, you are in good hands with Steve!  Coverage for contractors include Commercial Auto, General Liability, Inland Marine, Property, Workers Compensation and more.


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