Plan A Responsible Holiday Party

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November 21, 2018
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Plan A Responsible Holiday Party

Best Practices Holiday Parties

In the next two to three weeks, most companies will be holding their company holiday parties, and with that will come a lot of risks. Without the appropriate precautionary measures, legal consequences can quickly dampen the festive nature of these company-sponsored events. With the growth of social media, that last thing you want is a picture of yourself dancing on the table posted on YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Also, almost 40 percent of all holiday traffic fatalities involve alcohol. Here are a few thoughts as you start planning for your company event.

Do Some Pre Planning

  • Make it clear that employees are not required to attend as a condition of their employment.
  • Remind employees of your harassment policy.
  • Remind employees that the company policies apply to events outside of the normal work hours.
  • Gifts should always be business and family appropriate.

Reduce Your Risk By

  • Do not conduct business at the company party.
  • Do not ever have an open bar; always use a restaurant or licensed bartender.
  • Provide alternative transportation options.
  • Offer food and alternatives to alcohol.
  • Card everyone who attends.
  • You can limit drinks by using vouchers or ticket systems.
  • Do not hang mistletoe, ever.
  • Invite spouses and even other family members.

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