Workers Compensation

August 15, 2016

How Can Your Hiring Practices Reduce Workers’ Compensation Claims?

Boulder Insurance Update It is true that no company will be free of Workers’ Compensation claims completely. Accidents do happen, and that is why you have […]
July 28, 2016

Contractor Or Employee… Do You Really Know?

  Boulder Insurance Update Misclassification of contractors and employees can be a problem when it comes to Boulder workers’ compensation and employment laws. The Department of Labor […]
June 28, 2016

Risks Longmont Property Managers Often Overlook

Longmont Real Estate Risk Defined Longmont property managers have unique risks that can only be insured with the right kind of commercial insurance.  Property manager’s insurance […]
March 12, 2016

Your Experience Mod Is Your Longmont Workers’ Comp Identity

It is a fact that many employers actually overpay for their Longmont workers’ compensation premiums.  According to the latest reports, employers are paying around 20% more […]