Directors and Officers Insurance

Longmont, CO Directors and Officers Insurance

With the rise of lawsuits against businesses today, it’s imperative to have adequate coverage for your company. Adding Directors and Officers (D&O) liability insurance to your business policy can offer greater protection for your company and its officers should you be subject to legal action.

While your Business Owner’s Policy, along with General Liability Insurance, will help ease the expense of any claim or lawsuit made against your business, they may not be enough to fully protect your managers, or officers. Directors and officers insurance is a form of management liability insurance that provides coverage for the business entity, and the directors and officers of that entity, should the insured suffer loss due to wrongful actions committed by the directors and officers operating within the scope of their duties.

Not every business will get sued or find themselves dealing with expenses incurred by claims or legal action, yet it’s reassuring to know that if your company is ever faced with a lawsuit, Directors and Officers insurance will offer added protection for your organization and its leaders.

Benefits of carrying Directors and Officers Insurance:

  • Insurance payed to directors and officers of a company, or the company
  • Reimbursement for losses because of legal action
  • Typically covers legal fees
  • Coverage can extend to defense costs for criminal trials
  • Protects personal assets of directors and officers, and their spouses
  • Coverage available to nonprofit and educational organizations

Your business and its management deserve to have the best protection possible. Adding Directors and Officers insurance to your Business Owner Policy will provide the necessary coverage in case your company is ever faced with a lawsuit.

Because there are different types of D&O insurance, it’s important to discuss this specific coverage with a knowledgeable insurance agent. Steve Longenecker and the team at DC Insurers Mountain: Longmont have the experience and knowledge to offer sound advice and create a package that ensures your company and its officers are fully protected.

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