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Longmont, CO General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance Longmont COIf you are relying on your Business Owner’s Policy to pay for all expenses incurred from a claim or lawsuit filed against your company, you should reassess your coverage and consider investing in General Liability Insurance.
Your business qualifies for General Liability Insurance if it falls under the “standard market” category, which encompasses all non-hazardous occupations. Businesses with dangerous occupations, such as roofers, are sometimes required to purchase Excess Liability Insurance. DC Insurers Mountain: Longmont has the knowledge and experience to design a general liability line that covers your company’s specific needs.

General Liability Insurance (also called Commercial General Business Liability) Protects against liability claims for bodily injury (BI) and property damage (PD) arising out of premises, operations, products, and completed operations; and advertising and personal injury (PI) liability.

In the course of running a business life happens.  People get hurt, property gets damaged.  Basically accidents occur.  As a business owner you want to make sure that when (not if) something occurs, you are appropriately covered.  We simply cannot predict if someone might choose to sue due to injury related to your company. Depending on the type of business you run, the annual premiums can be small when considering the peace of mind they can bring.

General Liability Insurance Protects Your Business

From Claims due to:

  • Bodily Injury (BI) and the medical expenses that accompany
  • Property Damage (PD) as arises from your business operations
  • Personal and Advertising Injury (PI), as related to things like libel or slander
  • Attorney fees associated with defending your business during litigation, regardless of fault

Protect your company’s assets.  Protect your business from lawsuits, obligations, and damage.  Often a general liability policy can be bundled with your Business Owner Policy to ensure you are truly getting the coverage you need with no hole left to fill.  This is where a good insurance broker can make all the difference.  DC Insurers Mountain: Longmont can find you the best possible coverage and competitive rates that will have you resting easy–peace of mind can be everything!

The type of general liability insurance you need depends on many nuanced factors like what type of business you own and what the perceived risk associated with it may be.  Steve Longenecker is the Longmont insurance agent with just that sort of experience who can best customize a business insurance policy for your unique situation. DC Insurers Mountain: Longmont offers several packages and amounts of coverage for General Liability Insurance to make sure your business is protected. Call us today for a free estimate!

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