Inland Marine Insurance Coverage

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Imagine these scenarios: equipment belonging to a business owner is damaged when not on their property; valuable goods are stolen while sitting in a warehouse owned by a third party; or a collision during hired transport results in lost materials of a client. In all of these situations, it pays to have Inland Marine Insurance. Steve Longenecker and his knowledgeable team at DC Insurers Mountain: Longmont will customize the right inland marine insurance package for your business so you can rest assured that valuable goods and equipment are covered while not on your property!

According to the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, “the historically named ‘Inland Marine’ is a type of insurance that provides coverage for all movable property that is normally taken off the business premises, including equipment and tools.” Unlike “marine insurance” that applies to water transportation of goods, “inland marine” insurance covers land transport of products, materials and equipment by train or truck, for example, and also temporary storage of a fore mentioned goods by a third party.

Now you are probably wondering if your business needs inland marine insurance, and if your company deals with shipping highly valuable products or equipment, then the answer is most likely “Yes!” A Business Owners or Commercial Property Policy often excludes coverage for specialty items such as computers, communications equipment, construction tools and machinery, medical instrumentation or photography equipment.

Inland Marine Insurance Options include:

  • Bailee’s Customer Coverage- Designed for warehouse or repair shop owners that temporarily house clients’ property.
  • Builder’s Risk- Protection for structures, such as bridges and tunnels, and materials involved with renovation or new construction.
  • Fine Art Coverage- Specifically for valuable works of art that are in transit to an exhibition and the period they are on loan.
  • Installation Floater- Protection for purchased property or goods that are en route to the installation site.
  • Motor Truck Cargo Coverage- Clients’ materials are covered from the moment they are loaded onto your trucks until delivery.

Let the expert staff of DC Insurers Mountain: Longmont guide you in determining what type of inland marine insurance is best suited for your individual business.

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