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Longmont, CO Professional Liability Insurance

people, profession, qualification, employment and success concept - happy different businessman over group of professional workers You may have been told that only certain professions need to carry Professional Liability, or Indemnity, Insurance, but the true reality is that every business is at risk without it. Additional insurance beyond your business’s general liability or property policy is often necessary for adequate coverage in the event of a lawsuit. The experts at DC Insurers Mountain: Longmont have the experience and knowledge to tailor Professional Liability Insurance, including Errors and Omissions coverage, to fit your specific needs.

If a claim is filed against you due to financial harm incurred by an alleged mistake, having this type of professional liability insurance is critical. Errors and Omissions coverage offers protection for claims of negligence that occurred when receiving a professional service, or for failing to perform a professional duty. It does not cover illegal or fraudulent activities nor intentional errors or omissions. Even if the lawsuit is resolved in your favor, the cost of defending your case can quickly reach thousands of dollars- which is why having Professional Liability, or Indemnity, Insurance is so beneficial.

Each type of Professional Liability policy, including Errors and Omissions, will have a liability limit to be applied towards legal costs and damage awards, but not punitive damages in most cases. It is important to have your unique policy reviewed to ensure that your business is protected from every angle.

Professions that Require Indemnity Insurance:

  • Financial/Legal Service Providers- attorneys, accountants, financial advisers, mortgage brokers
  • Medical Occupations- doctors, psychiatrists, therapists (Also called malpractice insurance.)
    Professional Liability Insurance Also Recommended for:

    • Executives
    • Contractors
    • Maintenance Professionals
    • Consultants

Protection from negligence or inadequate performance claims should not be considered supplemental coverage because it is so essential in preserving your career or business. It is also good to know that an endorsement can be added to extend coverage beyond a policy’s termination in case a backdated claim is later filed. Details like these optional endorsements are why it is so important to have a knowledgeable team, let DC Insurers Mountain: Longmont build you a custom Professional Liability, or Indemnity Insurance policy.

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