Buena Vista, CO Insurance Agency

Buena Vista, CO Insurance Agency

With over a decade of experience in the field of insurance, Tyler Scherffius Buena Vista, CO Insurance Agency is equipped to take care of all insurance needs of Central Colorado residents, including the city of Salida, CO. Tyler can help you with the following:

General Liability Insurance

Does your business in Colorado have enough insurance coverage? Will you be able to pay for the losses due to fire outbreak or property damage? Will you be able to protect your company from closure, if tomorrow someone files a lawsuit against it? Most people rely on the coverage provided by Business Owner’s Policy, not quite realizing how inadequate it would be in the aforementioned situations. A disaster may occur any time to anyone, and as such, it is important to protect your business with adequate coverage amount to earn protection during tough times.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

It is mandatory in most states that all workers get covered by the worker’s compensation insurance to protect them from any kind of medical problems that may arise due to the employment. It mostly covers:
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Lost wages
  • Expense of medical treatment
  • Death benefits

Tyler can help you choose insurance for your workers taking into account the strength of workforce, field of work and many other aspects.

Automotive Insurance

Tyler can help you choose the ideal automotive insurance coverage both for your business and personal vehicles. If your business is related to transportation or trucking, it is highly recommended to get the insurance coverage.

Personal Insurance

A happy personal life is paramount. Tyler Scherffius can help you safeguard your happiness by helping you in selecting personal insurances - including life, home and health insurance – by first listening to your needs and preferences.

Protecting your business is of equal importance as running it. And protecting your family is not to be forgotten amidst building your business. You can trust Tyler to help you protect the things that mean the most to you by choosing the right insurance products.

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